8 October 2005

Mr. Ronak S. D. receiving the
Top Export Award from the Finance Minister of India,
Mr. P Chidambaram.
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Europian Union Certification
Europian Union Certification

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Agriculture Services
Agriculture is one of the very significant areas where all out efforts are to be concentrated to generate agricultural commodities to feed the people of the nation. Achievements in Agriculture Segment are quite easy in the wake of availability of technology.

A country that is self-sufficient in food is rated to be the rich one as major chunk of the revenue, otherwise, is utilized for the feeding of the people. GDP ratio is thus engulfed in this process.

Our Role

We are in a position to supply following items on regular basis. We are also in a position to organize manufacturing of Maximum products in your country given proper opportunity.
Agriculture techniques: In order to produce maximum output of cultivation, we need to use latest techniques scientifically. We are capable of implementing/establishing such procedures/techniques/scientific methods for harvesting better agriculture products.
Agriculture machinery: Machinery can speed up the cultivation process, thereby enabling us to reduce cost involved in manual or conventionally way followed for cultivation. Today we can supply world-class agriculture machinery at highly competitive price.
High quality seeds: Healthy and high quality seeds are available in International Market and we have direct accessibility to such suppliers.
Supply of Fertilizer: We are able to provide organic and inorganic fertilizers according to the suitability of the authorities at economical rate. Organic fertilizers shall give hygienic results, avoiding any side effect if the product is consumed.
Pest Control Management & consumables: We can help you introduce better management and supply high quality products for efficacious results.
Irrigation technology, equipment & management: Our association with internationally acclaimed organizations specialized in this area can meet your requirement in this area. Better irrigation supported by equally good equipment can make cultivation totally enjoyable and profitable.
Marketing Assistance for farm products: Organic Agro products have got good international rates. With our existing market network, we are totally competent enough to assist your team to get maximum possible supports from the third world market.
Biotechnology: This is next generation technology through which agro-products can be cultivated to keep the pace of hygienic products requirement worldwide.
In addition to above, we are also in a position to establish manufacturing set up and/or supply of the following items:
Animal breeding techniques
Veterinary medicaments/Vaccines
Animal health care products
Animal feeds
Animal breeds/Embryos
Marketing Assistance for Diary Products
Turn key projects
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